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Video Production Services




Football enthusiasts will recognize our next collaborator. Gunther Meisse of All Pro HD is teaming up with Ohio State's iconic J.T. Barrett for Samsung's newest initiative. If you're looking for expert assistance with a marketing project, our team is ready to lend our skills and experience to make it a success.




Advertising Videos

In the dynamic field of advertising videos, our prowess in creating enthralling stories through film has earned us national acclaim. Our creations have graced prominent platforms such as ABC, CBS, Dateline, NFL, and the esteemed Discovery Channel, among others. This exposure underlines our ability to produce content that resonates with a wide audience and aligns with the highest standards of the industry.



Wildlife & Environmental

Our expertise extends into the heart of nature. Boasting the most extensive wildlife film collection in the Midwest, we are a frontrunner in outdoor and environmental projects. If your vision involves wildlife or environmental themes, you've found the ideal partner in us. We're equipped with the resources and experience to bring your project to life, capturing the essence of the natural world with stunning clarity and authenticity.




Branding Ads

Engaging new clients or reinforcing relationships with existing ones, your brand's distinctiveness is an invaluable tool. At All Pro HD, collaboration is our forte. We work in tandem with you to develop a captivating campaign that highlights your company's unique attributes. More than just showcasing your business, our campaigns are designed to positively communicate your message, creating a distinct identity that differentiates you from your competitors.


New Product Launches

A triumphant product launch hinges on creating a resonant bond between the new product, service, or concept and its target audience. At the core of our strategy is the presentation of your offering's benefits and features in an appealing and positive manner, tailored to the unique requirements and aspirations of your intended market. By combining strategic planning with impactful communication, we turn your product launch into an event that not only engages but also enriches your audience's experience.


TV Commercials

TV commercials are a potent tool for propelling your brand and products into the spotlight of public awareness. At All Pro HD, our expertise lies in steering you toward budget-friendly approaches that yield swift and significant outcomes. Whether it's through classic TV commercial slots or modern online advertising spaces, we recognize the crucial blend of inventive creativity and steadfast production excellence. This combination is key to forging a powerful and memorable connection with your target audience.


Company Stories & Testimonials

Customer endorsements are a dynamic force. Imagine short video clips featuring clients extolling the virtues of your product and company, transforming into a mini-documentary that captivates other potential customers. Such testimonials are particularly effective when viewers see their peers benefiting from a product that addresses similar challenges they face. At All Pro HD, we leverage our extensive experience and innovative strategies to turn these customer testimonials into compelling, eye-catching narratives.


Documentary & Television Shows

All Pro HD has established a distinguished reputation in the world of documentary and television production. Our portfolio includes collaborations with eminent networks such as ESPN, The IndyCar Series, and The Discovery Channel, where we have produced featured shows and covered major sporting events. Our documentary 'A Voice for Life' has achieved global recognition, securing prestigious accolades at film festivals and being featured on various international TV networks. Our skilled team is adept at transforming documentary concepts into vivid realities, expertly orchestrating, crafting, and producing narratives that engage and captivate audiences.


Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are a compelling tool. When potential clients observe their counterparts benefiting from a product that addresses issues akin to their own, it resonates deeply. At All Pro HD, we blend our rich experience with innovative methods to transform these endorsements into captivating and persuasive narratives.