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Interactive Media

Proven Solutions

Interactivity is no stranger to us. For nearly two decades, our staff has been producing interactive media for use around the world. Our products consist of multiple formats, languages and designs to accommodate your particular needs, while assuring proper operation in the field.

If you’re considering the deployment of interactive kiosks in your marketing plans, we believe you are headed in the right direction. If you would like to work with a team of successful kiosk developers, AllProHD is your place.


In-house services

Our in-house interactive media productions include:

• Custom writen Windows or Mac OSX programs

• DVD, Blu-Ray, html5 development

• Web video encoding and uploading

• Website development

• In & out of house duplication & packaging


Custom Solutions

AllProHD provides solid solutions in the kiosk industry. With hundreds of kiosk units in service today, we pride ourselves with creating professional, cost effective kiosk solutions. Whether your kiosk is a sales tool for your distributors, training device for employees or a marketing tool for your customers, we can custom tailor a kiosk to meet your needs. Visit our kiosk site

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